Black Welded Wire Mesh Panel
Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh Panel
Brass Welded Wire Mesh Panel
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Black Welded Wire Mesh Panel
The company produced films galvanized by welding solid network, mesh uniform, a good quality network coverage formation as the best option for customers, global product marketing.
Welded Wire Mesh Specifications

Wire Diameter

mesh hole Weight( m ) Width( m )
diameter space (mm) wei space(mm)
10 100--500 30--300 1--8 0.5--3
9 100--500 30--300 1--8 0.5--3
8 100--500 30--300 1--8 0.5—3
7 50--200 20--300 1--8 0.5—3
6 50--200 20--200 1--8 0.5—3
5 50--200 10-200 1--8 0.5—3
4 30--200 10-200 1--8 0.5—3
2-4 25--100 10-100 1--6 0.5--3
It can be made by customers' requirements