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Bright Steel Bar

Bright Steel Bar offered find application inareas like Pump Shafts, Machined Components, Valves, Dairy Equipments, Fasteners,Machine Tools, Pins, Hinges, Surgical & Medical Parts, Threaded Bars andother end usages. These mild steel bright bars can be offered in different finishes including Centerless Ground & Polished (Strain Hardened), ColdDrawn & Polished Cold Drawn, Centerless Ground & Polished Cold Drawn and others.

Bright steel bar are available in size sranging from 2mm to 100mm with make options including rolling, VSP, JSW orimported. Finding use in areas like engineering components, forging industries,foundation bolt as well as in shafting applications, the low carbon steel used do not contain any alloying elements with carbon content not exceeding 0.25%.


Finding use in mechanical engineering applications for production of parts that are not subjected to high stress

Allows for tighter sectional tolerances

Provides increased straightness and acomparative cleaner cold drawn surface finish

Use of cold drawn process also allows steel to be bought closer to finished machine size that reduces machining costs

Delivers marked increase in physical strength over hot rolled bars of same section

Bright steel products from us and their many varied use applications

Tool steel for both hot and cold-work for the manufacture of cutting tools, stamping tools and mandrels, as thin wire dimensions for the production of dental tools and fine sawblades, and also in tempered versions with tight tolerances for the manufacture
of ejector pins.
High speed steel for use in high-performance cutting tools such as twist drills, cutting and broaching tools, reamers and similar, and also for jet needles in common-rail direct fuel injectors.

Cold heading wire in stainless and high- temperature strength materials, as well as nickel alloys for the production of screws, rivets, nails, nuts and bolts.
The wires provide an outstanding deformation capacity and can achieve high tool life through the use of special surface coatings.

Valve steels for intake and outlet valves in internal combustion engines. We supply martensitic and austenitic materials as well as high refractory nickel alloys in drawn and ground versions.

Turned parts
Stainless free cutting steels for the manufacture of turned parts, shaft axles and other precision parts with the very best in cutting properties. Further applications for
precision bright bars are the manufacture of linear guides and piston rods.

Stainless steel spring wires as bright or slide-promoting surface coated versions with tight dimension and tensile tolerances. We can also supply Alloy X 750 and Alloy C as special alloys for the highest corrosion requirements.

Heating elements and resistors
Heat conductor alloys (NiCr + CrAl) for the manufacture of heating spirals and heating elements for use in ovens and household appliances.

Jewellery industry
Nickel-free austenitic special steel wires for the manufacture of fashion jewellery with the highest corrosion resistance.

Bent components
Stainless bending wire for the manufacture of bent wire components, filter and bearing windings, gratings, screens and metal weaves.As a specialist We can supply heatresistant
wires for the production of metallic conveyor belts. We also supply a wide range of nickel alloys for use in highly corrosive media.

Electronics/electrical engineering
Glass sealing alloys with controlled thermal expansion for metallic glass seals can be supplied by Hongxiang as nickel-iron alloys or chromium steels.